Meet the Slides

NEO Slide 2017 Line Up

Our team has spent 2 years developing our ALL new custom designs of high grade commercial, super exciting and safe theme park inspired slides ALL with a NEO personality. Our slides each have their own personalities all created and designed by Mr. NEO himself. Speed, thrills and excitement for ALL ages is our goal! NEO Splash is always conscious of water consumption and conservation, we respect our beautiful planet and always do what we need to save our resources and share with our splashers to do the same. What the duck!

Kryptonite60' Tall x 213' Long3-in-1 Slide
What The Duck!37' Tall x 150' LongOur flagship slide!
Ms. PinkyRest HallGreat For Kids
Lil MilaLong Tube ArchGreat For Kids
El Jefe35' Tall & 250' Long2 Lane Super Slide
Triple Threat180' Long2 Drop Kick Ramps
Ginormous150' Long4 Lanes
Neo WarriorCustom Obstacle CourseRace Friends & Family
Oopsy Daisy35' TallTake Flight Onto Stunt Landings
Finding NeoOfficial Kids ZoneAdditional Neo Slides